Virginia is one of the most active regions in the country for termite activity. It is important that you have a termite professional care for the overall well-being of your home. We have forty-four years of combined experience. Through this experience, we will give you the most comprehensive inspections to ensure that your home will be termite free.

We offer re-treatment guarantee on all our termite services.
We offer a repair guarantee.

Termite warranties start at $125/year for qualified homes

LTK offers Subterranean Termite Coverage. Soon to come, we will have a No-Hassle Subterranean Termite Plan.

Termite Damage
Termite Damage

Online Consumer Self Assessment (Coming Soon)

The service is set up for the online consumer so that the consumer can assess their treatment without the hassle of a sales person visit. The program is designed to save the consumer hundreds of dollars.

Other subterranean service plans:

Repair Guarantee

This is only offered with an inspection by a qualified company field inspector.

  • Qualifying homes/structures for the repair guarantee: crawl space foundations and basement homes only
  • Properties that have existing termite damage and activity are not eligible for a repair guarantee
  • Properties that have moisture activity or a moisture issue are not eligible for the repair guarantee
  • LTK recommends a full termite treatment every 5 years or less. Our recommendations are based on the termite activity found in your region. Please refer to the map for regional termite activity

Note: This guarantee is only offered on homes that have been physically inspected by one of our qualified field inspectors.

Re-treatment Guarantee

Re-treatment guarantee will be provided for all homes/structures that are on slab foundations and have had or currently have termite and moisture activity and/or damage.Contact us for Re-treatment

  1. If there is present termite activity
  2. If there is present moisture activity
  3. Slab property indicates a solid foundation that cannot be seen from below
  4. Any home that has existing termite and/or moisture damage
  5. Any home that has existing high wood to moisture content

Please note: LTK will perform a Wood Destroying Organism or a Report for any new re-finance and/or new mortgage purchases for any private homeowner or real estate agent in the License To Kill, Inc. network.

Termite Activity Map

Information provided by Termidor.

Termite Damage