Click edit button to change this text.On behalf of License to Kill, Inc. We would like to thank everyone that helped to make our first -of what we hope to be many-community outreach Thanksgiving Dinners. We know the importance of helping everyone. From our experiences, even though we are all different we all still desire the same things: For there to be peace and to feel protected and safe. It is our Godly duty to help each and every person that is in need. We have made a commitment to God to lead, serve, and help others. While the planning was a three-person effort. Zoe Masters was instrumental in coordinating the organization and distribution of the dinners.

We specifically want to thank those who helped us:

• Mrs. VM Dixon
• Ms. Sanderson/Plaza Middle School
• Ms. McAnally
• Mrs. C Wood
• Mr & Mrs.Chavez
• The Bartron Family
• Mr. S Miller
• Mr. and Mrs. Chavez-Fabunan
• Senora Hellen/
• La Selecta Radio
• Mr. M Kincaid
• Ms. L Hogge
• Ms. J Japson
• Ms. C Anderson

If there is anyone else that we have forgotten to mention we want to thank you for your efforts and contributions to this worthy endeavor.
Because of these people we were able to help 24 families with complete Thanksgiving Dinners as well as give 4 turkeys to four additional families.

Our goal next year is to double our efforts!

Warmest regards,
Al and Charylane Neely

Al and Chary